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laptopRoll 'n' Warm is a unique underfloor Radiant heating system based on advanced flexible carbon film technology. read more...


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Floor Heating:

Imagine the cozy, luxurious feeling of stepping out of the shower onto a warm floor, not a cool floor. Floor heating is a unique home improvement option that will make your living space more welcoming and enjoyable to be in. The freezing winter temperatures are much easier to manage in a home with floor heating no more chilly mornings making breakfast in your kitchen, or getting your family ready for their day on cold flooring throughout the home.

Floor heating is derived from ancient Rome, where city dwellers built fires underneath the villa floors. Early Korean buildings were likewise heated by transporting flue gases underneath the floors and pushing the gases up through chimneys. Piping hot water (rather than air) through the floors has become commonplace thanks to architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who carried out this installation in many of his 1930s buildings.

In Floor Heating:

In floor heating systems are a sure way to get the most out of heating your floors as quickly and efficiently as possible.

While some heating systems are obviously better than others, the main costs of heating your house relies on two factors: One is the rate at which heat is lost from your home. The other is the rate of the energy sent to your house as well as how reliable the delivery of energy actually is.

Many companies have advertised being able to have your floors heated for as little as ten cents per day, but keep in mind that the different types of heated floors produce different results. When living in a cold climate, trying to pinch pennies on the dollar may not give you the comfortable heated floors as often as you desire. It is important to do the research and invest in the proper system that is guaranteed to bring strong in floor heating results to your home today!

Heating Floor:

When deciding about investing in a heating floor it is important to understand that there are several types of in floor heating systems. The two biggest ones are electric heating floors and hydronics in wood heating floors.

When looking to have in floor heating for a small room such as a bathroom you are better off opting for an electronic heating floor system. These are much more cost efficient in this case as they can heat a small area rather quickly.

When opting to heat large areas of your home then you are much better off going the hydronics route. These are great for bigger areas as using electricity to heat a large amount of floor space can get expensive rather quickly.
Whichever decision you make it is important to know the thrill of having a nice heating floor in the middle of winter. There is no better time to invest than now, so give us a call and well be more than happy to assist you