laptopAHT FLAT RIBBON MAT based on innovative heating ribbon technology of Amorphous Metal Alloy. read more...

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laptopRoll 'n' Warm is a unique underfloor Radiant heating system based on advanced flexible carbon film technology. read more...


laptopOUTDOOR AHT RIBBON the ultimate solution for snow melting applications. read more...

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Outdoor AHT Ribbon™

The Ultimate Outdoor Heating Solution

Ideal Driveway RibbonOUTDOOR AHT RIBBON ™ is an ultimate solution for driveways, access ways, sidewalks and parking areas to prevent accumulation of ice. Icing of such areas is a common disturbance for normal traffic in cold environments, heating the area creates traction to prevent vehicles from skidding and pedestrians from falling. The use of sub-terrain heating minimizes the need for de-icing measures such as salt, which harms the surface. It will decrease injuries and accidents in the areas where OUTDOOR AHT RIBBON ™is installed.

'Orion Eco Tech employs AHT's Outdoor Ribbon™ amorphous metal alloy technology, enabling advanced heating products that have excellent conduction efficiency. As a result, these products operation is highly energy efficient, saving about 30% on heating/snow melting costs. AHT's amorphous metal alloy technology physical properties are equally excellent, featuring unmatched efficiency, flexibility and durability. The products are developed and manufactured in-house in state-of-the-art production facilities in compliance with international and North American standards and carry an extensive warranty.

Outdoor AHT Ribbon™ have significant advantages over any other type of hydronic or electrical cable-based Snow Melting and Ice Prevention systems.

Ideal Driveway Ribbon

Benefits are as follows:

  • Larger contact area with the cold ground or iced surface
  • Reaches the working temperature faster than other systems
  • Energy saving
  • Less costly
  • Generates more even heat
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Perfectly safe from electrical shock hazards and electromagnetic radiation
  • Reliable and durable
  • Heating Element Performance

The heating element is of a fixed wattage. By using different widths of amorphous ribbons and different length of the element itself, one can achieve the required output power per linear meter/foot. Typically the high-end limit for the heating element power is 62 watts per meter. This limit corresponds to more than 5 amps on a single circuit. The heating element can be driven by various power voltage sources, AC or DC: 110-120, 208, 220-240, 400 and 600 Volts, as long as the current limit is met. Low voltage (below 50 volts) usage is also possible. The upper limit working temperature of the heating element is 70C.

Outdoor AHT Ribbon ™ can be applied under all types of surfaces:
Hot Asphalt
Cold Asphalt